Vehicle control Lesson

  • How to adjust driver seat posture and steering column to ensure you have good control of the vehicle.
  • How to operate accelerator smoothly.
  • How to brake smoothly.

First Driving Lesson.

  • The best time to join a professional driver trainer is at the beginning,this will get you start in the right direction.Best and Less driving school allows a beginner to get competence in car control and procedures without hassle and danger of dealing with traffic.

Road Positioning Lesson.

  • We will make you confident that how to maintain a safe, legal postion on the road. This includes during manoeuvers such as a three-point turn, Reverse Parking.

Speed Management Lesson.

  • How to drive at a safe and legal speed, managing your speed to suit traffic, weather and road conditions.

Decision Making Lesson.

  • How to safely merge with traffic, change lanes, cross or turning at an intersection.

Hill Start Lesson.

  • How to do a hill start without rolling into the car behind you or stalling.

Reversing Exercise Lesson.

  • How to get into the reverse parallel park on the first try, almost every time.

Three Point Turn Lesson.

  • How to do a three-point turn to get a full mark on a test, You have to use your mirrors and check your blindspots in a certain way.

Lane Changing Lesson.

  • How to safely change lane, when you are crossing two or three lanes of traffic.

Driving Lesson For Heavy Traffic.

  • Driving safely in heavy traffic requires a set of complex skills. These are the skills you will need if you want to be safe in traffic, lane, changing, traffic lights, turn at lights,multi-laned roundabout overtaking.

Driving Lesson For Helping Me Pass My P’s

  • In preparing for the driving test we will assure your driving skill level and create a plan to get you to test standard. We prepare our students to the highest standard.
  • Training to meet these New South Wales Transport technical requirements is delivered in a structured approach to maintaining the highest possible standards and at the same time getting a learner driver to licence standard in the shortest possible time.



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